Crazy Bullet Hole Tattoos

Here is an interesting tattoo, bullet holes. They look like real bullet holes with blood and shading that makes them actually look real. I think a design like this is kind of cool because it displays more than just art but makes the tattoo really look real.The placement of this tattoo is great, because its in a realistic location. Using the upper back for a tattoo will give you enough room to add to the design, such as the dripping blood. What a great idea.

It reminds me of a scar on my back that I have had for a few years and people are always asking me how I got it. I usually say I got shot or stabbed and they would believe me every time. With a bullet hole tattoo like this picture it would really draw the attention of anyone who saw it. I have never seen anyone with a tattoo that looks so real like these bullet holes. Maybe this guy thrives on attention?

A great tattoo idea can come from wanting something to look real, or an idea to cover up a scar, like the one on my back. Tattooing over scars can be done but don’t expect perfection because scarred tissue won’t act the same as normal skin.

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