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Shamrock Tattoos

Ah, ‘tis close to that time of the year, and as one would say, “The luck of the Irish.” Along with the leprechaun, the shamrock is probably the outward symbol of Irish heritage today. The closer we are to St. Patrick’s Day, the more of those outward signs we see. Of course, one might think that shamrock tattoos are not very masculine, but the truth is that it goes beyond that of just an imprint of a shamrock.

    The shamrock, the sign of the Irish, is quite a handsome design for a tattoo. In fact, with some many different designs available, having several shamrock tattoos of different designs is not only possible, but a realistic expectation. In fact, for those who have artistic abilities, creating a variety of shamrock tattoos not only for yourself but also to share is a skill of which one can be proud. As a tattoo artist, you can create new drawings for your own shamrock tattoos as well as for others who may not have the save creative talent.

    Of course, one question you may ask is why get a tattoo that is only in style in the days preceding St. Patrick’s Day. Certainly, the shamrock is more popular during that time, but for those who are Irish or have friends who are, anytime is a good time for celebrating with this symbolism of Ireland. In addition, some simply like the way the shamrock looks on them, so shamrock tattoos on the arms or legs is a natural form of artistic expression for them. There is no reason not to ham shamrock tattoos throughout the year in order to express yourself. After all, is that not what tattoos do anyway? They allow a person to express himself or herself in an artistic way in much the same way as some women choose body art. Of course, it is becoming more popular for women to have tattoos as well, and not always the small, dainty ones that used to be true of the few women who had tattoos.

    Regardless of your taste or size preferences, shamrock tattoos will fit any personality. Whether you want something to cover your entire forearm or a small one for your shoulder, leg, or back, your tattooist will have no problems meeting your needs. If you want something special, bring a picture, and he will be able to customize your tattoo so that you have exactly what you want.