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Girl Tattoo Designs - Tramp Stamp? Or Something Classy

By Nathaniel Givens

Girls with tattoos are very sexy but what more if the tattoo is situated at the lower back? For sure, boys will pop their eyes out when they've seen a woman walking down the street with shirt hanging high and a tattoo on the lower back is peaking out.

There is no doubt that any girl tattoo design situated on the lower back shows a certain kind of sensuality since it tends to highlight the curvy figure of a woman. Most of them are inked in a manner that they will tag along curve of either the side of the spine.

Tramp Stamp tattoos placed on the lower back can vary in designs; there are intricate tribal designs and symmetrical shapes. It is up to the woman to choose which kind of design that will best flatter her curves and personality. But among the popular designs that are often requested by women for their lower back are tribal patterns, pairs of wings, fairies, depictions of the sun, hearts, floral collections, roses, planets, and even pictures of lotus seed. For a cool design, even those that are typically used by guys can be employed as girl tattoo design for the lower back. With this, even Harley art, dragons, and Native American designs can be used. A lot of girls who would put a tattoo on their lower back can always opt for the design to be augmented since a lot of expert tattoo artists can always tweak the design.

Most women admit that putting attractive "tramp stamps" on their lower back is a trend that makes them feel exotic. One can show off the design not merely to their special someone because with the rise of low to mid-rise jeans, low cut bathing suits, and lowrider pants-one can surely wear their tattoo for public consumption whenever they desire.

Another reason why it is great to have a tattoo on the lower back is the fact that there is a wide range of space available hence intricate designs can be accommodated. With this, any person is given the freedom to choose which design they would like to grab for themselves. Furthermore, having a girl tattoo design on the lower back is also beneficial because this is a part of the body that does not change even if a person grows in age or weight hence the design will stay steady even after a long time.

In a nutshell, lower back tattoos come in wide assortment. Anyone can choose the kind that will specifically meet their needs and match their personality. A word of caution though, do not just have yourself inked in any old shop. It is best