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Lower Back Tattoo Design


Lower back tattoo designs are very popular right now, especially among females. To some, they are not so affectionally known as a "tramp stamp".  Notwithstanding, those sporting a lower back tattoo would strongly disagree with the connotation.

    Tattoos placed in this anterior location are generally for someone else's benefit.  Unless the recipient's head can spin around like an owl, the tattoo owner isn't going to be able to see the piece of art - at least not without the aid of a mirror. Some are affixed in the small of the back while others are much lower in the upper butt region.  Thanks to low-rise jeans, the location preference depends on whether or not the owner wants the tattoo to be seen by many or few. 

    What type of design is best for those wanting a lower back tattoo?  It is limited only by the imagination.  The elongated, horizontal surface makes an excellent location for a Tribal or Celtic tattoo. Many people are familiar with a Celtic cross – which looks similar to a Latin cross with a ring through the intersection of the crossbar and upright center post. Some enjoy this type of tattoo because of the heritage semblance while others merely think they look cool.

    The process of getting a lower back tattoo is somewhat uncomfortable.  You should plan on lying flat on your stomach for at least an hour. The time frame will depend on intricacy of the tattoo design. The artist needs a clean, hairless surface, so don't be alarmed if you see a razor during the preparation stage.

    Equally as important to know if you intend to get a tattoo on your lower back, plan on exposing a little more than your upper butt. The tattoo artist needs room to work and won't want to deal with underwear in the way. It'll be a full moon that night!

    Once the design has been transferred onto the lower back, prepare to remain absolutely still.  The outline shouldn't be too painful; however some of the fill colors may sting a bit. It is tolerable, and will be worth it.

    Once it's done, the design will look very red and will likely have some clear plastic wrap taped over the area.  That will ensure the pants won't endanger the new tattoo on the way home.  Make sure to follow all after care instructions.  Then plan on wearing some loose fitting pants for a few days.  It won't take long and the lower back will be transformed into a work of art!

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