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Bird Tattoos

Bird Tattoos Come In A Variety of Colors

One of the most appealing aspects of getting a tattoo is being able to show off unique and special living art on your skin every day for the rest of your life.  And one of the most appealing parts about tattoos in general is the vibrant colors and textures created by the artist.

Bird tattoos remain a popular choice at least in part because the possibilities for interesting artwork are endless.  If you look at all the birds in Mother Nature’s vast realm, there are birds of every size, shape, style and especially, color!   People are attracted to the bird tattoo in large part because they can be so colorful and the artists can really have fun with creating eye catching and original bird tattoos packed with super vibrant, bold colors.

Here are a few examples of some colorful bird tattoo designs that I have found on the internet. As you will notice each of these tattoo designs are very colorful, a bright neon color was used for the first bird design and a bright sparkling color was used with the second bird tattoo design.

bird tattoos       bird tattoo

Of course, bird tattoos also open the door for a wide range of symbolic meaning for the people who get these tattoos because there are such specific personalities associated with many types of birds.  For example, someone who has gone through a difficult and cathartic experience and feels as though they have come out stronger on the other side might be drawn to the image of a phoenix rising from the flame.  Someone who is talkative and outspoken might be drawn to an elaborate parrot with strong and boldly colored plumage.  Someone who takes a lot of personal pride in their own beauty may be drawn to a peacock.  It’s easy to see why bird tattoos are so attractive and so versatile, because they can represent many things to many different people and are a good tattoo choice for a huge range of different personalities for different reasons.

Although bird tattoos could be considered a classic choice for a tattoo, they are far from a cliché choice.  What a bird tattoo means and how they look is limited only by the imagination of the tattoo artist and the person getting the tattoo, which means that even though lots of people have bird tattoos, every bird tattoo is original, unique and special in some way.

Bird Tattoo Design       Colorful Bird Tattoo

These are just a few other examples of bird tattoo designs. Notice that not every tattoo has to be colorful, some people opt in to having less color and more basic tattoo design than others. Black and white tattoos are also a great choice, just like black and white pictures, they both tell totally different stories.

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