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Elephant Tattoos

Elephant Tattoos, A Unique Choice

While there are about a million people running around with tribal tattoos, flower tattoos and butterfly tattoos, you don’t run across too many people with elephant tattoos.  Elephant tattoos are certainly a bold and unique choice for a tattoo.  These majestic animals represent stoic grace and proud beauty of the African plains and also evoke exotic images of Indian parades and traditional lavish weddings.

Elephant tattoos are a nice choice for a large tattoo to cover an entire arm or entire leg.  There are many examples of talented tattoo artists creating the living art of elephant tattoos in both bold black “line art” as well as full color, fantastical exotic elephant tattoos in bold shades like red, orange and purple.

So why would someone choose an elephant tattoo design over a more traditional tattoo?  The answers are as diverse and varied as the people getting the tattoos themselves.  Some people have loved elephants and elephant imagery since they were just children and have decided to get an elephant tattoo to commemorate their affection for these exotic and majestic creatures as a lifetime reminder.  Others are interested in African or Indian mythology, or have had a profound experience in these cultures and use elephant tattoos as a symbol of the closeness they feel to these cultures.

Still others may feel as though having an elephant tattoo is personal to them because they feel like the iconic image of the elephant is somehow representative of their own unique personality and style.  Whatever your reason may be for having an interest in elephant tattoos, whether you are thinking of getting one yourself or are just curious about what kind of art is out there for elephant tattoos, there are plenty of tattoo artists out there online who are eager to showcase their unique and original designs and may give you inspiration for your very own elephant tattoo!

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