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Cobra Tattoos

   The cobra is one of the fiercest of the poisonous snakes, yet it is also one of the most popular ones for tattoos and body art. Is it because it makes someone look fierce, or cool, or is it just a sign of a fiery personality as it opens its mouth to expose the fangs? It’s difficult to say what the reason is for the popularity of cobra tattoo designs, but there is no doubt that their popularity has existed throughout many years of tattoo designs.

   In essence, cobra tattoo designs are more of a masculine symbol, but that doesn’t mean that females will not be interested in cobra tattoo designs. The sign of the snake in most cultures symbolizes masculinity, thus the reason one does not often think of this design as one that would appeal to the female population. In fact, one online tattoo artist refers to this design under the title “masculine tattoo designs,” so it is obviously not seen as something that will appeal to a female in most cases. It is likely the idea that women, in most cases, do not like snakes, and even fear them. This is especially true of the cobra and its counterpart, the king cobra, both of which can snap your life from you with their powerful fangs.

   It is perhaps the power that is within the nature of the cobra that gives cobra tattoo designs appeal so much to the male population. In many cases, a male chooses tattoo designs to make him feel important, powerful, and masculine. This is the reason you see many men with snakes, devils, scorpions, serpents, and aliens. All of these reptiles and demons are symbols of male power and dignity, and thus give a man an added sense of self-confidence that he does not otherwise exert. Not only that, but also many women are drawn to men who have cobra tattoo designs because of the power it has in opening the gap of male self-consciousness and sexual prowess. What better way exists for a man to prove his power over women than with a cobra tattoo design?

   Some women may choose a scaled-down version of one of the cobra tattoo designs, simply because it is feminine in nature, and with the fangs hanging from its mouth, it may not be appealing to others in a larger form. Ask your tattooist what he has available if you are a female looking for a smaller version of this design.

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