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Phoenix Tattoos

The Power Of A Phoenix Tattoo Design

The phoenix is a mythical creature.  It is the bird of fire and represents rebirth and resurrection.  The myth of the phoenix is well known.  It came from mythology that was popularized in ancient times in the Middle East, India, China, Greece and Rome.

According to the myth, the phoenix has a long life span and is very beautiful.  It is usually described as having gold or red coloring.  It is the bird of fire because it was said that when the phoenix was ready to die it would build a nest and set fire to itself.  Then three days after its death it rose and was reborn. 

The phoenix has many meanings attached to it.  It is known as being a symbol of rebirth, resurrection, everlasting life, life after death and representing the cycle of the sun setting and rising.  The overall idea of the phoenix, though, is that it keeps going and it never really dies or ends.  When people get a phoenix tattoo design they often do so to represent the idea of living forever.

The phoenix is seen as a tattoo that represents being able to make it in life.  It is seen as a symbol of victory and being able to make it through tough times and come out in the end better than ever.  A person with a phoenix tattoo design is telling the world that they are a fighter.\

A phoenix tattoo design is best done over a good size area.  There is quite a bit of detail and the design should not be too small.  Some good places for a phoenix tattoo design are the back, chest or arm. 

The phoenix is a strong creature that represents something a little different to everyone.  It shows the ability to handle adversity and to not give up.  A phoenix tattoo design is a great choice for someone who has faced a tough time and came through it victorious or for someone who simply is a fighter.

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