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Ankle Tattoos

Tips For An Ankle Design Tattoo

An ankle design tattoo is intended to be in the area of the lower calf to the ankle bone.  An ankle design tattoo is generally kept to a reasonable size, since there can be a lot of pain when getting this area tattooed.  There are some things to consider when getting and ankle design tattoo.

As mentioned this are is usually very painful to get tattooed.  That is because there is generally less fat here then in other areas.  They also tend to cleaned more than other tattoos because of their location.  So, after an ankle tattoo a person is told to keep their leg elevated and avoid a lot of walking.

Besides being painful, getting a tattoo ion the ankle can be uncomfortable. A person has to be able to recline and elevate their leg.  Then it has to be positioned, which might be quite uncomfortable so the tattoo can be done.

After a tattoo it is very important to let it heal.  With an ankle design tattoo a person needs to avoid wearing any clothing, socks or shoes that would irritate the area. 

Ankle design tattoos are popular because they can be easily hidden. They can also be easily shown off.  Women tend to prefer then more than men.  Some good ideas for an ankle design tattoo are flowers, hearts or other easy to draw images.

Ankle design tattoos can be a good idea for someone who is wanting an easy to hide tattoo.  The main thing to remember about an ankle design tattoo is the pain factor and the required after care.  A person getting an ankle design tattoo will likely want to choose an image that is small and simple to keep pain to a minimum.  Many people choose an ankle design tattoo because they want to accent their legs or calf area.

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