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Daisy Tattoo

Finding Unique Daisy Tattoo Designs

All types of flower tattoo designs are popular with both men and women.  A daisy tattoo design is one example of a flower tattoo that can be seen on people all over the world.  Daisy’s are a simple flower, but they can hold a lot of meaning and symbolism.

A big concern when it comes to a daisy tattoo design is originality.  Most people want a tattoo that is unique to them and something that won’t be seen on a lot of other people.  There are many different ways to change and alter a daisy tattoo design to make it truly unique.  A person can add in other elements to the design, play with the colors or even alter the shape and size to make the daisy tattoo design their own.

Daisy’s often represent innocence.  There are many varieties of daisy’s and each has a specific meaning associated with it, for example, colored daisy’s represent beauty.  In general, though, the daisy is thought to be part of Spring, new beginnings and the innocence of a child.  There is old Celtic lore that says daisy’s are born from the spirit of a child who has died.

People choose a daisy tattoo for many reasons.  A person may choose a daisy to represent a child they have lost.  They may want a daisy because it is their favorite flower.  They may want a daisy because they want to hold onto the innocence of childhood and youth or to represent their childhood and youth.

Daisy tattoo designs can become whatever a person wants.  A daisy can take on almost any meaning for a person.  It doesn’t even have to hold a traditional meaning.  Daisy’s are rather easy to draw so a daisy tattoo can be great for someone wanting something simply.  Daisy tattoos can also be bold, so a person wanting something simple, yet bold would find a good match in a daisy tattoo design.

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