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Cherry Tattoos

It's a little wonder why cherry tattoos are so popular today. Ever since Biblical times, fruit trees have been a symbol of temptation and evil with the forbidden fruit attracting attention. Not to count which the temptation that people given anything that is forbidden peaks everyone’s interest. In the western culture, cherries are a very sexual fruit because of their color, association to blood, and the loss of one’s sexual innocence. The highly sexual nature of today’s society may be the reason for the popularity of cherry tattoos that exists today as well as the reasoning behind images of cherries on women’s underwear, pajamas, and pieces of jewelry.

   The cherry is also the university symbol of beauty and love, likewise, the cherry blossom assumes the meaning of spiritual beauty. In ancient stories, people saw the branch of cherry trees as a symbol of fertility, wealth, health, and happiness. With such positive characteristics, it is little wonder that cherry tattoos are so popular. It is natural to think that if the cherry is so symbolic of positive traits such as health, happiness, fertility, and wealth, many people are anxious to display cherry tattoos. After all, one cannot walk through life carrying a basket of cherries, so the best alternative to the real thing is to display a cherry tattoo with its symbolism to all of those positive traits. Many believe that displaying things that are positive creates positive vibes within the person, and if that is the case, cherry tattoos should create some positive vibes for those who display them. Unlike some tattoos, cherry tattoos are neither masculine nor feminine, so they can be displayed proudly by either gender.

   How you display your cherry tattoo is up to you as an individual, but for the very feminine wearer, perhaps the idea of a small bunch of cherries on the lower back or upper thigh may solve the problem of having something that is not visible at work. From dainty and feminine to larger and more masculine, the selection of cherry tattoos is endless, leaving everything to your imagination. As with any tattoo, if your tattooist doesn’t have something that appeals to you, all you need to do is find a drawing for him to follow, many of which are available for download online. Of course, if you have artistic talent, you may choose to create something of your own with the assistance of a tattoo artist who can guide you with sign and colors.

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