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Shark Tattoos

Show No Fear With A Shark Tattoo

Shark tattoos are usually as shocking as the animal itself.  These tattoos can be representative of many things, usually, though, the underlying theme is always about the ocean where the shark lives.

Sharks are predators.  They are often scary to humans and represent fear of the unknown in the ocean.  They are often characterized by their razor sharp teeth and strong dorsal fin.  Sharks have been glamorized by television and movies into much more ferocious animals then they really are.  In reality sharks rarely attack humans and are often content to just be left alone to wander the waters.

Shark tattoos usually play up the idea of huge, sharp teeth and particularly highlight the dorsal fin.  Often the shark is drawn curled as if striking with its mouth wide open ready to bite. 

People get shark tattoos to represent something important to them.  Sometimes a person gets a shark tattoo to show they are strong and mean, as a representation of their own spirit.  Some people get them to show honor to the shark or the ocean, in general.  They can also be representative of fear.  Shark tattoos are also seen as a protection against a real shark attack.  Navy and sailors often get shark tattoos to represent their life’s path.

Sometimes a specific type of shark, the hammerhead, is used in a shark tattoo.  The hammerhead shark is of particular interest because of its hammer shaped head and its reputation for being especially vicious towards humans.  This type of shark tattoo usually is found on someone who wants the world to know they are not afraid of anything.

Shark tattoos make a statement, regardless of the intended meaning.  They look great in color or not colored.  They can be done almost anywhere on the body and in any size.  Shark tattoos are especially popular amongst those who live around the ocean.

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