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Dragonfly tattoos

Become A Free Spirit With A Dragonfly Tattoo Design

Dragonfly tattoo designs celebrate the mystical insect that is often a part of fairytales and myths. A dragonfly tattoo is very popular, especially with women. They are so popular because they are very versatile and can be done in a variety of ways.

   Dragonflies have thin, long bodies and usually four wings. They are usually a blue-green color and sometimes look as if they are iridescent. When they fly they make a light buzzing sound. They zip through the air and spend a lot of time on the water, or nearby ponds. In fact, dragonflies are usually found around areas of water.

   Dragonfly tattoo designs have become quite popular. They are found in many different styles due to the influence from mythology of different cultures. One of the best things about a dragonfly tattoo is that it can be designed in many different ways and therefore can be customized to fit anyone’s desires.

   Dragonfly tattoo designs can be done in color or in simple black. They can be done in any size and can be made to accommodate any location on the body. They are often made to look similar to fairies since in mythology they are often associated with fairies.

   Dragonflies represent a free spirit that brings together the power of both air and water. Many people get dragonfly tattoos to represent their own freedom and their own sense of who they are and because they can be customized, they can represent almost whatever a person wants.

   The Dragonfly tattoo design can be very versatile. They can be done like a cartoon, a fairy or a realistic insect. They can go anywhere on the body and can be done in an array of colors. Dragonfly tattoos are perfect for someone wanting to express their free spirit. The dragon fly tattoo design can be made anyway a persons wants.
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