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Mermaid Tattoos

Probably one of the favorites of many men, mermaid tattoos gives them the best of both worlds with a tattoo and a beautiful woman drawn on their body at the same time. The mermaid is seen by many as a sign of both femininity and beauty, and thus, it is a very popular design for the average male. Of course, it may not be as well-received by the female partner, especially since sometimes the mermaid tattoo can be quite sexy in nature, with some drawn with bare breasts. This idea definitely appeals to the male’s idea of beauty but may not do the same for his partner, so a man must be careful when choosing a mermaid tattoo design so that he doesn’t offend or anger his partner.

   Mermaid tattoos are also quite popular with the female population because of their mythical beauty and their ability to live on land or sea. It often makes one think of the children’s movie “The Little Mermaid” as well as other movies that depict the life and plight of this mythical creature of the sea. She’s beautiful with a well-formed body, features that appeal to both males and females. With so many different possibilities for a mermaid tattoo design, one could have them all over their body and not have any duplication of the drawings.

   With this particular design, the potential lies for a larger tattoo or the smaller one for those who work in places that do not allow tattoos to be visible in the workplace, such as having a lower back tattoo. If your tattooist doesn’t have the design you want, searching online will give you many different pictures of designs that you can download and print for your tattooist. If this is your first tattoo, you want to be especially careful of choosing just the right pose because for the most part, they are permanent, something that most first-timers don’t consider. In case you do make a mistake, the removal process is more painful than the drawing of the tattoo itself, thus the reason you want to be certain before you get the tattoo. For that reason, it is advisable not to include anyone’s name with your mermaid tattoo unless it is your child, mother, or spouse because situations change, and you will be stuck with someone’s name on your body. Finding a new partner with the same name just isn’t realistic.

   Make the right choice the first time by picking the right picture. Make sure you’re happy with the tattoo before the tattooist begins work.

    There really are not that many mermaid tattoo pictures to look through on the internet. I had a hard time finding some decent mermaid pictures to share with you. Below are two of the better mermaid tattoo pictures that I could find and hope you like them. 

mermaid tattoos      mermaid tattoo

    If you are a fan of mermaids and have some pictures you would like to share and have placed on this page please email me at: admin (@) tattoodesignshop (dot) com and be sure to include a discription of your mermaid tattoo.

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