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Daisy Tattoo Designs

Making Good Use of Daisy Tattoos

By Alexis Anderson

Did you know daisy tattoos are often placed on faces, as well as hands? Unlike tear drops, you will find that daisies create a lively, almost whimsical air. Regardless of where you want to have a tattoo, daisies are sure to create an upbeat air. You may even find that this will be the perfect tattoo to try if you have never had one before.

Do you enjoy plant and animal cartoon characters? Unlike roses, daisies lend themselves well to facial features, and even character poses. Regardless of whether you want a tattoo of a daisy singing in the shower, or a pair gossiping in the garden, everyone that sees them is sure to smile. You may even find that these tattoos will help you smile on days when everything seems to be going wrong.

If you aren't sure about the colors or designs that daisy tattoos can be adapted to fit, you may want to have a look at the ones featured on the Chopper Tattoo website. While some images may be downright hilarious, others are sure to evoke deeper and more profound sentiments. Regardless of what you want to convey, chances are you can do it successfully with daisy tattoos.

As you may be aware, daisy tattoos are also very popular when it comes to forming letters. You may even find that your local tattoo artist has a number of basic words already made from daisies. On the other hand, if you want your own name formed into a daisy tattoo, it may be much easier to have done than you realized. As may be expected, you can always try to come up with your own design, and then see if you can find a tattoo artist that is willing to place it on your body.

Alexis Anderson is a tattoo artist and the director of popular blog Tattoo Designs Galore. He provides honest information and advice on things like floral tattoos and more. Check out his blog for more info!

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