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For the Love of a Sports Tattoo

By Matthew Stevens

Anybody can get a sports tattoo, whether they are twenty or sixty. All it takes is love for a game and enthusiasm for a particular team. Athletes themselves have team tattoos, as do many fans. Every team has its very own logo, so it is not surprising that many use those logos as body art. This trend is becoming more and more popular these days, since tattoos are quickly becoming just as mainstream as sports.

Sports team merchandise is part of a multi-million dollar industry, and the merchandise usually features a team's logo. While some people are content with collecting cards, t-shirts, magnets, jerseys, and caps or helmets, others take things a bit further and get sports tattoos. Some are even willing to pay a lot of money for a large logo.

If you are a sports fanatic and want a tattoo, then you might as well combine the two together. Or, if you have someone in your family who loves sports, why not take them to a tattoo shop on their birthday? Some parents of college athletes are even taking their son or daughter to a shop to get matching tattoos! It is a great way for parents to let their child know they are proud of them and support them. It is also a way for parents to reward their son or daughter for being a good athlete.

You do not have to get the exact logo. You can have it customized however you want. This is a good idea if you want something unique. Sports tattoos are more than just team logos. You can get any tattoo if you want, and then have it filled in with your favorite team's colors.

Going subtle is a good idea, if you want something unique. If you want to simply get a sports tattoo that reminds you of your favorite sport, you can do that also. There are plenty of baseball designs, including bats, baseballs, and gloves. If you are a basketball fan you can get a basketball or hoops tattoo. For a hockey-themed tattoo, you can get hockey sticks, and a puck. And, of course, if you are a football fan, you can choose a football design, helmet, and so forth.

There are many neat designs featuring footballs, soccer balls, baseballs, and basketballs. Soccer balls surrounded by flames are pretty popular designs. You can get a baseball tattoo around your elbow. There are also baseballs designed like a skull, with bats as "crossbones". It's also not uncommon to see NASCAR related tattoos, particularly in the Southern states.

Every major and national league sports team sells sticker sheets featuring various logos and designs. You can get some and look over them for ideas. You can probably even find temporary sports team tattoos. Of course, they are small, but you can still try them out nonetheless. Speaking of small designs, if you cannot make up your mind on a large tattoo, you might as well just get different little ones. Be creative and mix them up. Ask your tattoo artist for advice about mixing up smaller tattoos. Ask him or her about where on your body they would look best.

Whether you want modest art, big, or a variety of modest designs mixed together, you will have plenty to choose from. You can get one sports tattoo or many to show your love of a particular game, team, or even race car.

Everyone loves one sport or more, but not everyone would get a sports tattoo. Popular tattoos such as the angel tattoo or even the celtic cross tattoo designs are more popular than a sports tattoo.

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