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Cross Tattoos

       One of the most popular tattoo design is the Cross or Celtic tattoo design. How do you know if a Cross Tattoo is right for you? This is a very difficult question to answer, because there are many different kinds of tattoos you can choose from. When you decide on a tattoo design that tattoo will be with you for the rest of your life. The cross tattoo is a symbol that can identify your religion. There are many different cross tattoo designs you can choose from such as, a traditional Christian cross, a Celtic cross, a tribal cross, a latin cross tattoo with a rosary, or even a gothic cross, ("goth" isn't necisarily a bad thing if viewed as a historical period in time. Goth can relate to the mid-evil times of Kinds and Castles). The only thing that matters when choosing your Cross tattoo design is what it speaks to you either spiritually or personally.

Basic Christian Cross Tattoo  Wood Type Cross Design  Unique Cross Tattoo

    There are just three different kinds of Cross Tattoo designs and there are thousands more on the internet. If you did a short research on the cross design you will find thousands of different websites promoting their own cross tattoos. Usually you have to pay a fee for just 1 tattoo design! This fee will allow you to download the tattoo so that you can take it to your tattoo artist. That one time fee allows you 1 tattoo, why not buy a whole source of tattoos that you can choose between 3,500 different tattoos for 1 price?

Celtic Cross Tattoo Design

    As you can see that there are many different types of cross tattoo designs, this is just a sample of what is out there. If you looked through our directory you would find 56 more cross tattoo designs.

    No shortages of cross tattoos exist. For that matter, there are no shortages of cross jewelry or apparel either. The cross has been used as a symbolic gesture of faith since the beginning of time. Today it is traditionally shown as a symbol in the Christian faith; however it is not exclusive only to Christians. In addition to the depiction of Jesus and the crucifix, the cross has been used in various countries with various symbolizations.

  Almost all variations of the cross have a basis of deity. Some citizens have taken the cross as a symbol of: the hammer of the God Thor; Babylonian moon deity; representation of the four directions in which the sun shines; the higher, celestial states of being, along with the lower, earthly states; an association with Maat, the Egyptian Goddess of Truth and the sexual union of Isis and Osiris; and lastly as a symbol of a human effigy on a cross.

  A cross is a cross is a cross, right? Au contraire; did you know that dozens of different types of crosses existed? There is so much more to a cross than merely a small letter "t". Here are a few examples: Ankh, Canterbury, Christian, Coptic, Furka, Greek, Byzantine, High Cross, Labarum, Lorraine, Nordic, Papal, Patriarchal, Presbyterian, Red Cross, Cross of Sacrifice, Saints Andrew, Peter, George, Sun, Tau, Mariner's, Bent, and Persian.

  One doesn't need to drive very far down any freeway to see a wooden cross planted on the side of the road – often with a wreath of flowers or the initials R.I.P. Clearly someone lost their life at that site. The cross is a way to pay tribute and also alert others know of a potentially dangerous curve or intersection.

  The death of a loved one can also create a desire for a permanent tattoo of a cross with the name of the family member or friend woven between the cross. To some, such a depiction helps the memory stay alive.

  Therefore, it would be foolish to come to the conclusion that someone donning a cross tattoo must surely be affiliated with the Catholic religion. While some tattoo designs have no symbolization or deeper meaning – other than the owner thought it was cute or would look cool, such is not the case with cross tattoos. The cross is often an expression of faith - each cross and each tattoo with an extremely individual meaning.

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