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Belly Button Tattoos

Belly Button Tattoos Are Becoming Very Popular

By Jared Wadel

Belly Button Tattoos aren't just ink on skin. For many people they are a work of art. Belly Button Tattoos or a ring finger tattoo are a symbol of expression that becomes a part of you. Tats are a symbol of expression that becomes a part of you. If possible, think about yourself at your very core of existence, the most basic simple solution is probably the best. Tattooing formerly played a part in Burmese magical and religious rituals; the Japanese adopted it as simply an ornamental art; and Moroccan women wear henna tattoos on their ankles to protect themselves during childbirth. People today get belly button tattoos as a form of artistic expression or to signify their affiliation with a certain group.

Belly Button Tattoos are mainstream now, and while facial tattoos, or large tats completely covering one's neck, arms, or whatever may limit employment opportunities, saying that tattoos=unemployment is just silly. Tattoos are no more of a fad than they ever have been, there are people out there who still consider tattooed people assholes or weirdos theres several of those comments. But it just is what it is. Tattoos are forever, choose your design carefully. Make sure you pick what you really want.

Tattoo removal was a fairly new thing back years ago and quite expensive. It didn't seem like a good option for people. Tattoos and Hepatitis C, in actuality are good old friends. Hepatitis C is one of the most common diseases acquired from getting a tattoo, but it's much cleaner nowdays just make sure you know who and where your going to.

Tattoo artists, like everyone else, come in all shapes, sizes, and temperaments. You will be doing yourself a favor by choosing an artist who is honest (you're trusting them with your skin, after all), courteous (who wants to be permanently marked by a doofus !), and ethical (will you feel safe with an artist who is obviously only after your cash !).

And your probably a little hesitant about getting that belly button tattoo or a butt tattoo, maybe a lower stomach tattoo, even a breast tattoo, any where you might be a little nervous about letting someone you don't know put a tattoo there.

So if your thinking about that belly button tattoo or a ring finger tat, take your time and make a good decision, your going to be freinds with that tattoo for a long time.

Author: Jared Wadel
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