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Fantasy Tattoos

How to Easily Obtain Ideas on Fairies and Fantasy Tattoos

By Joser Kovacs

It can be flattering to have friends calling me up and asking for help in finding ideas for their next tattoo. Just the other day, a friend (let's call her Nina) called to ask if I could help her look for ideas on fairies and fantasy tattoos. Apparently she was having a little trouble searching for fantasy theme tattoos on the web.

According to Nina, she had spent hours staring at her computer monitor - sifting through dozens of tattoo websites; only to be fed with endless stream of "incredibly dull" fairies and fantasy tattoos. To quench her frustration, I immediately gave her a couple of good places for sourcing ideas on fantasy style tattoos on the web. If you're in a similar situation as Nina and would like to solve this nagging problem, the following tips might help.

Checkout fantasy artist websites

I can't begin to tell you how many interesting ideas and Inspiration came pouring in whenever I look at works done by established fantasy artists such as Gerald Brom, Boris Vallejo and his wife Julie Bell, Yoshitaka Amano (of Final Fantasy fame), Amy Brown and of course the legendary Frank Frazetta. These artists' creative imagination has resulted in a vast collection of fantasy themed artworks, which are likely to fill your head with scores of inspiration for bringing forth ideas on fairies and fantasy tattoos.

If fairies are your main focus, you could do no wrong by viewing the works of Alan Lee. His fairy sketches are simply marvelous and perfect for tattoo inspirations. The aforesaid artists have their own official websites so whenever you need ideas on fantasy style tattoos, just check out their online galleries.

Checkout paid tattoo galleries

Many people might scoff at the thought of paying the bucks for a printable tattoo design but I beg to differ. Since you're planning to ink your skin for good, why not shell out a bit for a premium tattoo design that you can take pride in? After all, you'll be paying a small fortune to get the tattoo embossed on your skin. Free tattoo sites are passable if all you're looking for are insipid, cookie-cutter conceptions.

I believe paid ones are more satisfactory in terms of design, uniqueness and quality. Expect to find a great deal of wonderful fairies and fantasy tattoos within the paid sites. With that said, do avoid websites that charge you a fee for individual tattoo prints. If you're mulling on investing in paid tattoo galleries, look into sites that offer unlimited prints, frequently updated designs, and unwavering customer support at a relatively low flat fee.

At last, you can stop wasting your time hopping websites in order to find a wide collection of quality printable fairies and fantasy tattoos I've done all the dirty work for you. Check out my site where I reviewed 4 major online tattoo art galleries. What's good about them or what makes them ho-hum are told accordingly. I hold nothing back so if you want to learn more, kindly head over to Awesome Tattoo Creations

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