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Since time immemorial, the Native American people and the horse have been closely associated with each other. The strong association springs from the fact that the native Indian community believed that horses symbolized the holy spirits. They believed that horses formed an important part of the ‘Great Circle of Life’. Not only did horses provide them with a means of transport, but they were also used during battles. Symbolizing travel and adventure, horses were well loved and respected by the Native Americans. The animals provided the Americans with the means to leave their tiny communities and venture out and explore the lands and its people. The speed and power of the majestic horses won their respect and admiration.  Horses were also believed to act as guides along the spiritual journey. Those who love horses and would like to express their respect for the noble animal should opt for the horse tattoo.


    Usually, people who sport horse tattoos on their bodies are either horse riders or horse lovers. They admire and appreciate the animal’s grace and beauty as the horse is a very powerful and strong animal. The horse also symbolizes passion and free spirit. The tattoos could be sported on the lower back or legs, but the most popular area for the horse tattoo is on the upper arm. The beautiful horse designs are a major contribution to the magical world of body art. Depending on personal taste and style, horse designs vary. The tattoos can be worked in black, gray or any other color. However, before you go ahead and get yourself a horse tattoo, it is advisable to view the various designs online, before you make your final decision.

    The horse is credited with being a symbol of guidance and strength. And therefore a horse design on your body would convey your feelings of deep respect and fascination for these lovely creatures. Since tattoos are mostly symbolic, you should make sure that you get yourself tattooed for the right reasons. However, the horse tattoo need not carry any special meaning for the liberal mind, but just a ‘cool design’.


    Chinese Zodiac tattoos have also become increasingly popular, as a result of which, the horse tattoos are a preferred choice of many. People born in the year of the horse are considered to be pleasant and intuitive. The horse tattoos represent loyalty, passion, speed, independence and beauty, all positive traits. However, you can select a horse tattoo design simply as a style statement and not for any deep, hidden meaning. The freedom of choice available to the youth of today, has witnessed many opting for the colorful horse tattoos.

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