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     Whether you are getting your first tattoo or you are a tattoo addict, whatever tattoo you are getting has a meaning behind it. Every person has their own story behind their tattoo whether a personal experience, expression of one self, spiritual, or possibly an attempt to enhance ones looks. There are an unending amount of reasons that people get tattoos and when getting your own you want to make sure you are getting exactly what you want. Especially since this is a permanent addition to your body.

   So how do you find the perfect tattoo? Available through the internet there are many websites you can visit to find different designs that you may like. Also you could consult your tattoo artist and brainstorm together your own unique tattoo. Perhaps you’re an artist yourself and you want it to have your touch, that’s okay just draw it up, most tattoo artists if possible will work with your own tattoo design.

    After you have found your tattoo design you will want to decide where you are going to put it. Deciding where to put your tattoo varies for each person. Something you may want to ask yourself is; if you want your tattoo in a less or more visible location. Males and females generally have different desired locations. For females it is more common to have a tattoo in areas such as the hip, the back of the shoulder, lower back and even the back of the neck. Where as males usually have a wide range of areas such as; their arms, shoulders, back, calves, chest, back of the neck and so on.

   The two boxes on the top of this page are great resources for finding that perfect tattoo design. Even if you don't use a design that is within their catalog, you will come away from those sites with ideas of your own. The most important part of finding a tattoo design is finding similar designs that your artist can work with. Pictures are worth more than words because if your artist can visualize what you are wanting, your tattoo will come out close to how you invisioned it. So be sure to visit our resources above.

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