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Heart Tattoo Designs 

Heart tattoos come in many shapes, patterns, and sizes. Traditionally, hearts symbolize love, however, heart tattoos can also be used to portray a hard heart, a poisoned heart, a jealous heart, and a sacred heart. There are hearts with arrows in them for when we become struck by Cupid’s arrow and hearts set aflame to indicate passion. Sometimes the same heart tattoos can have two different meanings! A heart with a knife through can mean betrayal or, it can symbolize the character and fortitude of the bearer in the face of heart-breaking circumstances.

Heart Tattoos For Romance

The ideal of carving a heart with the initials of you and your beloved on a tree isn’t much different than having matching heart tattoos. People generally think twice from adding names to their heart tattoos, but the sentiment is still the same. Another motif popular with couples is the hearts with a lock on them. One has a lock and another a key. There are still people who are so deeply committed to each other that they will put the name of their beloved on their heart tattoos.

Heart Tattoos For Religious Significance

In other cultures, hearts are sacred. Many images of Jesus and Mary are shown with their sacred hearts exposed. This symbolism can be carried over into heart tattoos that express an open and compassionate nature with high spiritual ideals. They’re typically called sacred hearts and can include the image of Jesus and Mary, but don’t require it. The heart may be pierced by thorns or have a bright light radiating from it.

Heart Tattoo Designs In Different Colors

Just because Valentine’s hearts are typically red, doesn’t mean that heart tattoos have to be red. In actuality, they can be any color you want. Many people settle for simple black designs that stand out like embroidery on skin. Others choose to add blue highlights or any other color their imagination can envision.

Bad Boy Heart Tattoo Designs

Heart tattoos were even worn by sailors who liked to put the words “Mom” in the middle. Men’s heart tattoos are typically larger then women’s heart tattoos. They take on more variation with the poisoned or thorned hearts. Hearts set aflame can indicate a very passionate man.

Other Heart Tattoos

Heart tattoos are easily combined with many other motifs giving them deeper meaning. A heart with stars can indicate fame or abundance. A gold heart can be a radiantly blissful and spiritual heart. A hearts with flowers or entwined with roses is a deep romantic love. You can make up your own personal symbolism with heart tattoos. Some people put their beloved birthstone color somewhere in the heart tattoo. There are many ways to customize heart tattoos and give them additional meaning, but they don’t all have to mean something. Other hearts can just be cute and have no deep symbolism at all.

Many women get heart tattoos because of the acceptance of the symbol and it’s meaning is very clear. It’s less associated with sexuality than it is with warm qualities of the soul. It is a beautiful symbol without requiring a partner or deep statement to wear.

However, it can be done as a gesture of commitment to a relationship. It’s certainly a very romantic overture when matched by their partner’s willingness to get a matching or complementary tattoo. For men, heart tattoos have been classics for a long time and will continue to be highly popular for a long time.

Here are some heart tattoo designs that I liked.

heart and wings tattoo         heart tattoo

Its hard to find great heart tattoo designs online as it seems like its not a very popular design. Yet there are over 3000 searches every month of people looking for the design. If you have a great heart tattoo and wish for me to share it with our visitors please email it to me at: admin (@) tattoodesignshop (dot) com, with a small description of it.

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