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The Tiger Tattoo design is becoming a very popular choice because of the endangered status of the tiger.

    "At the turn of the century there were more than 100,000 tigers in Asia. Now there are less than 5,000. Unless we get the public to support tiger conservation, our efforts will fail." - Whitney Tilt, Director of Conservation, National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.

    Asia isn't the only country with endangered tigers. Ongoing Save-the-Tiger efforts have been implemented worldwide. The fundraising efforts are geared toward anti-poaching, human-tiger conflict mitigation, education and habitat management work.  Some conservationists are emphatic about communicating their message of the importance of keeping the tigers alive.

    The tiger is a symbol of strength and power. Its image often inspires fear and respect. Siegfried and Roy have definitely been a catalyst in the tiger awareness.  Their Las Vegas performances have shown thousands of audience members how respected the big cats should be.  Even after the ill-fated attack in 2003, the duo asserted that it was an unfortunate accident – in which Montecore was trying to help Roy.  Roy is now back and the incident did not leave a permanent blemish on the reputation of tigers.

    Notwithstanding, the tiger remains a popular tattoo design.  Known for determination and allure, the tiger is full of vigor, passion and courage. The person who opts to get a tiger for a tattoo also can identify personally with the characteristics of the large cat. Because the tiger is recognized for its strength, the bicep muscle is a trendy location for the art work.

    The crisp golden and black colors provide a brilliant design to keep the message of the endangered species highly visible. In addition to the radiant stripes and sharp teeth, other colors can be added to a tiger tattoo. Jungle backgrounds with green trees or ruby sunsets can offset the magnificent body of the mighty tiger. 

    While bold and courageous is one theme the tiger portrays, there is also a softer side. Cereal companies, cartoons and movies depict a friendlier, cuter tiger. Kellogg's Tony the Tiger, Winnie the Pooh's Tigger, Calvin and Hobbes, Ice Age, and American Tail all have a friendly tiger in common.  All of these characters have also been used as cuddly tattoo designs too.

    So whether the reasoning is conservation of the endangered animal, to signify personal strength and fearlessness or because of their adorable, frolicking nature – consider the versatile tiger as a formidable tattoo design.

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