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Star Tattoos

     Americans love the stars on their flag, but many other countries and ethnicities have a special place in their heart for star designs. That’s probably why star tattoos continue to be popular choices for tattoo art. Star tattoos can be simple five-pointed stars, complex and ornamented stars of David, and shooting stars. They can be acquired as a simple statement and can later become the backdrop for additional tattoo art.

      Ever since the star of Bethlehem pointed the wise men to the birthplace of Jesus, stars have held a special place in our hearts as symbols of hope and new beginnings. It’s no accident that bright accomplishments are given gold stars in schools. The star is a symbol of celestial light that comes down to touch us in unique and enlightening ways. Star tattoos are typically shown with a starburst pattern to signify this radiant blessing.

Star Tattoos And Sailors

While most people are aware that ancient sailors used the stars to navigate by night, many may not realize that they also had nautical star tattoos. Exactly why sailors liked to have nautical star tattoos is not really known. It might have been to symbolize the North Star by which they steered their ships, or it might have been meant as a form of identity between sailors. It is known that sailors used the nautical star tattoos long before star tattoos became fashionable.

Star Tattoos And Alternative Lifestyles

Many different alternative cultures used star tattoos to identify themselves to other members. It was rumored that the gay and lesbian community might have appropriated the nautical star tattoo as their own emblem, in the 1940’s. But that might have been a passing fad. Wiccans have long held a connection between their spiritual practices and the symbol of the star in the form of the pentagram. In this case, star tattoos could have been used to identify and mark a person’s belonging to a particular group or belief system. The Star of David, for instance, is a high symbol of Kabbalah, a Jewish mystical cult.

Modern Popular Star Tattoos

Regardless of what one might have used the star tattoo in the past, presently star tattoos are very popular. They don’t have to have a great deal of significance to be appreciated for their simplicity, symmetry and ability to serve as a backdrop or an additional ornamental element of any tattoo. They can be patriotic, in the form of stars and stripes, or simply ornamental star tattoos.

Unlike other tattoos, which might evoke different responses in people who view them, stars are a safe choice. Despite some connotations of stars with alternative lifestyles, very few people view them from that perspective. Most people associate star tattoos with high achievement, persistence, or a striking and illuminating event in one’s life.

Whether you really are a sailor or maybe an astronomer, star tattoos don’t have to mean anything about who you are. In that sense, they are ultra modern abstract representations of beauty and stability. If you want your star tattoos to have deeper meanings, you can add variations to them. Some people even go as far as to add a skull with their star tattoos. However even just a single star alone can make a powerful and dynamic statement of your being and future aspirations.

Star Tattoo Pictures

Here are some great star tattoo pictures that I have found while surfing the net. You can see that many of the stars have five points, which is normal for a star. Flames and colors really make these tattoo designs stick out. Whatever your desire is for a star tattoo you can probably make it happen by visiting your local tattoo artist. I have a friend who has many different types, sizes and colors of stars and it seems like he never gets bored with them.

star tattoo      flamming star tattoo

shooting star tattoo      star tattoos

The above pictures also show some of the more popular places for these types of tattoos. Why do people get stars on their wrist? I have no idea, its just what many people do. So if you want to be unique or different you might want to find another place for your star or stars to go. Of course if you want a large picture like a flamming star or shooting star tattoos you might need a larger area for the type of tattoo.

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