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Find A Tattoo Artist

     We will be adding a directory of Tattoo Artist in your neighborhood. We want to hear from you, please send us your recommendations of Tattoo Artist by using our contact us page.

   After finding the perfect tattoo and spot for it you will want to find an artist. When finding a tattoo artist for your tattoo there are a few different ways to go about searching, depending on your preference.

      The most common way of people finding their tattoo artist is through word of mouth. Usually by a friend or seeing someone’s tattoo that they may find attractive.

      Maybe an artist that has worked on a celebrity may appeal to you. Many people seek their tattoo artist in accordance to; popularity with celebrities, famous work in magazines, or an artist who may have won some awards for their work

      Picking your tattoo artist may also depend on the type of tattoo you are getting. Some artists specialize in certain styles that they will make their main focus of work. For instance if you are looking for tribal, celtic, graffiti, Chinese or such work you may want to find someone who specializes in exactly what you are looking for, ensuring your tattoo a better outcome.

      Possibly just walking into a shop and looking at an artists' work or portfolio may be suitable for you. The way you go about finding your tattoo artist may differ but it is recommended to take some time to research for the right artist for your tattoo, after all spending a little time researching is worth it for a tattoo that lasts a lifetime.

Preparation for tattoo

            On the day of getting your tattoo there are just a few things you may need to do to prepare yourself. Before the procedure begins you will be required to show valid identification ensuring you are 18 years or older. Due to the fact you may possibly be seated for a long period of time you will want to make sure that you wear comfortable clothes, have taken a shower, had a good meal and are well rested. It is also advised to not be under the influence of drugs, alcohol or aspirin based medication.

How long could it take?

The amount of time it takes for a tattoo could range from, less than an hour to sometimes a whole day. It all depends on the size and style of the tattoo and sometimes even the artist. Often follow ups are required where the artist will need you to come back the next day or following week to do the finishing touches.

After your tattoo is finished it will take roughly 2 weeks to heal. During the healing process there are certain precautions in caring for it. You will want to make sure that you always clean with mild soap and warm water, reapply ointment 3-4 times each day, keep the tattoo out of the sun, and do not pick at the dry skin or scabs during the healing process.

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