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     Sports tattoos can belong to any age and any person. A sixty five year old man was a huge college sports fan – for one team in particular. He had a separate spare room in his house devoted entirely to the team. He had just about every logo item imaginable. He even had a separate Christmas tree with team colors and ornaments. His family thought the man had gone nuts. Then one day they knew beyond a shadow of a doubt that was off his rocker.

      The retiree, a true sports fanatic, came home with a tattoo of his favorite college team. It was a football helmet permanently tattooed on his bicep (or better known as the location where the bicep used to be!) While that may have seemed unimaginable to his family, it's not all that uncommon. Sport tattoos are becoming popular along with sport stars.

Sports teams, colors, and logos make very popular tattoo designs. Sales of sports team logo merchandise is a multimillion dollar industry. There is definitely a demand for sports related merchandise. Fans want it and they are paying big bucks for it.

If you have a sports fanatic in your family, you know how easy it can be to pick out a gift for that person. However there is a point where you wonder if there is any logo item this person doesn't already have. You can always have something custom made to avoid duplication, such as a sports tattoo design.

True sports fanatics will go to just about any length to show their team spirit – up to and including sitting for a tattoo designed in their favorite team's color scheme. As proven above, people of all ages are lining up for tattoos.

For those who wish to be a little less obvious they can chose a design, any design, but then have the fill colors be the same as their favorite team colors. Even the closet fanatics can be covert with their team spirit.

When subtlety isn't an issue sports fans are choosing football helmets, golf clubs, karate symbols, basketball and hoops and team mascots. Generally people select a tattoo that represents them in some way. With that in mind, there is nothing disturbing about getting a tattoo that reflects a favored sports team. Now the toilet seat that plays the school fight song every time the lid is lifted – that's disturbing!

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