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    What more can you ask for than to get an eagle tattoo? Tattooing is one of the oldest art forms created by human beings. Initially tattooing was not considered only an art, but a form of rebellion. People attached a magical or mystical significance to it, as they used tattoos to symbolize the fertility of earth and women, the sacredness of chieftainship, preservation of life after death and several other cultural beliefs. In modern times, technically, tattooing is micro-pigment implantation. It can be done on human and animal skin. Tattoos on animals are commonly used for identification, while on humans it is a type of body modification. Today, tattooing is practiced worldwide, despite certain cultural taboo. In many parts of the world, tattooing is either done for good luck or good health. This is where the eagle tattoo comes to play. People see the Eagle as a majestic bird and powerful, they then want to get the eagle tattoo put on their body to show strength.

    There are numerous eagle tattoo designs to choose from. Animal tattoo designs are especially popular and a number of tattoo galleries all over the world devote a major part of their selection to animals. The body art could be sported as a visual depiction of animal protection and rights or as a personal testimony of spiritual or religious belief and conviction. Among birds, eagle tattoo designs are very popular. Eagles within the Celtic or tribal tattoos are very popular among bikers, patriots, extremists and environmentalists. The presence of the eagle symbolizes freedom, potency and illumination. It indicates might and spiritual growth. This particular male tattoo design is known to span over the continents such as the influence of eagles in American tattooing cannot be ignored. Several patriotic and military service tattoos prominently feature eagles. It is an ancient symbol, connected with the solar power. The eagle was sacred to the sun, according to the Persians and Greeks. People in Egypt used to worship eagles. The Greeks regarded it as the sacred symbol of Zeus and of the supreme god, by the Druids.   


Since the dawn of the art, people have marked themselves with the signs of their chosen totem animals. On the surface, they seem to be trying to imbibe the abilities and strength of these animals, within the clan. On a mystical level, totem animals represent a mystical relationship with the spirit of the animal. The dragon, eagle and tiger tattoos fall into this category. The Eagle is usually sported as armbands, on the lower back, ankles, shoulders and chest. There are a number of elegant eagle tattoo designs available online. The presence of the eagle design does not necessarily indicate that the person has a particular cultural lineage connected with the bird. Recently the eagle has become a fashion statement with the youth of America and is becoming a very popular piece of body art.

With the 4th of July an eagle tattoo would be a perfect tattoo to get. Eagles are amazing birds that show strength and honor and is a symbol for the USA. The 4th of July is a huge holiday in the United States and the eagle is a representation of it.

Here are some Eagle Tattoo designs that I have found that I believe are great depictions of a good eagle tattoo.

Eagle Tattoo          American Flag Eagle Tattoo

Eagle Tattoos         911 Eagle Tattoo

These all have great colors that are bold and stand out just as an eagle should. Eagles represent America and is the reason why many patriotic people get an eagle with an American flag in some sort. There are many different ways of adding the flag as with the second picture the US flag is colored in with the eagle's head.  My favorite design is the one below where it almost looks 3D and stand out. Its the bold colors and very fine lines the tattoo artist used to get that affect and in my opinion makes for one of the best eagle tattoos I have found. This tattoo can be found on this tattoo site.

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