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Tribal Tattoos

Tribal tattoos account for nearly a third of all tattoo design search requests. There are many different designs that the term 'tribal' can account for. The traditional tribal tattoos of indigenous and aboriginal cultures, up to the present day graphic design for the body, tribal tattoos are becoming more popular and more sought after.

     The body and soul were usually thought to be identical to one another. The persons tattoo then existed on two planes: the physical and spiritual realms. Many early tribes believed that their tattoos would get them into the proper spirit world, and that their tattoos would also offer them special qualifications upon their arrival into the after life.

     Most primitive tribes, if not all used some form of body markings, such as temporary body paints. This art was popular among tribes until the arrival of civilization as we know it, when the tattoos where looked at as a form of rebellion or looked at negatively and lost popularity. Today tattoo designs are becoming very popular again.

evil cat tribal tattoo      lizard tribal tattoo

    Tribal tattoos come in many different designs. These tattoos can bring many different meanings, weather it be spiritual or personal, you can find a tribal tattoo that will fit your style.

knife tribal tattoo

    Here are a few more tribal tattoos that I have found from searching the internet. The tribal design is the most popular design that is search for besides the angel tattoo design. A tribal tattoo consist of many dark colors and large lines. These tattoos are not usually colorful but are big in nature. People usually get this tattoo when they are wanting to cover a large portion of their body with a tattoo. People also like this type of design because its very unique and you can do many things with the design.

tribal tattoo design      eagle tribal tattoos

arm tribal tattoo      Tribal Tattoo

    The large arm tattoo is probably my favorite tribal design that I have found. It looks great and will look nice on most people. Its smooth, easy and has just two colors. I believe that the black and white picture makes it look cleaner than it really is. When a tattoo is on the body it usually has blended edges, instead of dark straight lines. Sometimes a brand new tattoo will also cause 'redding' of the skin such as the first tattoo design. As you can see there are many options you can choose from, so your options are endless. If you are wondering if a tribal tattoo is right for you, you most likely cannot go wrong with one, as it is the most popular design right now.

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