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Broken Heart Tattoo

When people choose a tattoo they usually choose a tattoo that has some representation that is meaningful to them.  These broken heart tattoos can be a symbol of happiness or sadness and each tattoo is as individual as the person and the reason behind it.  A tattoo is a symbol of something enduring that people want to share.  People usually have a reason behind their tattoo even if their tattoo is a cartoon character.  The cartoon character can be just a character that they like or they find some resemblance to their own personality within that character

    A broken heart tattoo is a tattoo that also symbolizes something.  That something could be a traumatic experience that has touched the person’s life.  The situation or experience that person felt can be displayed by the broken heart tattoo in a way to remind them of their sadness and why they are doing the things that they are doing today.  This will allow the broken heart tattoo to exemplify these emotions to the outside world. The broken heart tattoo is sometimes displayed with other tattoos to bring together a full picture of what the person is feeling.  If that person who wears the broken heart tattoo wears the tattoo because of a lost love the person would probably have the name of the lost loved described above and below it. 

    Some people use the broken heart tattoo as a religious symbol.  The broken heart tattoo shows the love for Christ could have been broken through some situation and that the broken heart wearer has regained their faith again.  A broken heart tattoo surrounded by a cross, a picture of Jesus, the Virgin Mary, or any other religious symbol can symbolize the duality of sin and goodness. There are other religious connotations that is opposite of the sign of goodness.  The Pirates of the 17th century wore the broken heart tattoo to show that they are breaking away from society and for all things that are morally right.  For a pirate to wear the broken heart it was a symbol of defiance and controversy.  The broken heart tattoo on the shoulder or the ankle of a pirate is the same equivalent as a 1% tattoo that is on the arm of a Hells Angels member.

    The broken heart tattoo became really popular during World War II.  The infamous saying of ‘mom’ was rolled through a ribbon through the broken heart and perhaps this was a reflection of the soldier being away from their sweetheart or from their family for so long. The military tradition of the broken heart tattoo was carried on to the Vietnam War and the Korean conflict. If you look at the veterans or today, the broken heart tattoo is proudly displayed still.

If you are considering getting a broken heart tattoo it is advisable that really look at what its meeting would be to your life.  You always have the chance that someone will ask you or make a comment about your tattoo and it would be nice to have a story to go behind it.  A tattoo can sometimes be a conversation piece that can start new relationships and friendships.  You should feel strongly about a tattoo placed upon your body and you should be able to talk about it when people ask you about it.

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