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Britney Spears Tattoo

Be Like Britney Spears By Wearing Her Tattoo Designs

Are you one of those people who like to welcome the wild side?  Who are these people that like to display their naughty side?  If you are mischievous, you might want to think about getting one of Britney Spears tattoos.  Showing your indulgence to society by adding Britney Spears's face or body tattooed on your arm, leg, or thigh, can show the world that you are provocative in nature and you wish to be left alone.  The Britney Spears tattoo gives credence to anarchy.  If your lifestyle is one that goes against the grain of society, and you are just ready to show the world that you really don't care, Britney Spears tattoos are for you.

If you are not ready to wear the actual image of Britney Spears on your body, maybe you would want to put a tattoo that Britney Spears wears on her body.  Britney Spears wears her tattoos as a rite of passage towards something good in her life.  She has several tattoos and any one would be a great addition to your existing tattoos are even as a stand-alone tattoo.  The Britney Spears Fairy is tastefully done. The Fairy can be shown in any area of the body.  The Fairy is nationally known to be one of the spirits of freedom as well as the spirit of carefree existence.  To exhibit a Fairy upon your body you are showing the world that you are free traveling in this world, ready for adventure.

Even though they are for aesthetic purposes, tattoos should have a purpose.  Britney Spears received each tattoo for a purpose.  Her collection includes a Fairy on her back.  She has a kanji on her hip, a butterfly on her foot, a Hebrew saying on the back, and collection of dice upon her wrist.  Since she has been in rehab several times she is adding more symbols to represent her life. It seems like Spears is decorating her life as she travels through the good times and the bad.  To be like Britney Spears you will have to have a sordid life but at the same time you'd have to have sorted tattoos of on your body.  Her tattoos tell the story of the society and culture in which she lives in. Though you could still wear many of the tattoos that are on Britney's body, it is best to find a tattoo that uniquely expressed as your own personality and likes. 

Pictures of Britney Spears tattoos are available on the Web. If you like one of them,  take them to your local tattoo shop or to a tattoo artist and see if they can accommodate you.  Most tattoo artists will have designs and tattoos similar to the ones that Britney Spears has put up on her body. You may add a small addition to the tattoo that Britney has by adding a rose, a heart, or even a tattoo of a dove that will signify an original tattoo that is your own and you are not just copying a tattoo from a celebrity.

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