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Gang Tattoos

As long as man has been around they have used tattoos and other body markings as a sign of what they believe in, what tribe they belong to and in a more modern setting what club,  biker club, or even what their gang affiliation is.  No longer are these the majority of people getting tattoos there are many everyday people getting them also  There is a world of difference between the way home made or prison tattoos are applied to the skin and the sanitary precautions of the process.

Gangs use tattoos for many different reasons, but the main reasons is so that other members will recognize their gang loyalty at a glance.  Some use many different tattoos to accomplish this while others will just use a few.  The types of tattoos can very greatly.  Some gangs may use a symbol; some may have the actual name of the gang while others may use a combination.  Some of the members may have a teardrop or spider web under their eye to represent that they have done time in prison.  Of course, gang members get these tattoos to show their colors so to speak, but there are some people who will get them because they think that it looks good or is cool, but this decision can be a deadly one.  There are stories of gang members in prison actually peeling the skin off another inmate who is displaying an unofficial tattoo.

Over time, tattoos have become more widely accepted by people in all occupations.  They are no longer just for gang members or prison inmates.  One of the differences between an average Joe and a gang member getting a tattoo is that a lot of gang members will have tattoos put on their face and hands whereas a lot of everyday people would not consider those locations due to how an employer or other people may look at them.  Another key difference is how the tattoo is applied.  Prison tattoos will be done with guitar string or whatever else can be found to pierce the skin, and there will be very little if any thought given to sanitation, several people may be tattooed with the same device.  The ink used in this type of tattoo is generally from an ink pen, which can be toxic with long exposure.  These types of tattoos pose a risk to the person, getting an infection or other disease due to the lack of sanitation.  Another draw back is that after you go through the pain and risk of this type of tattoo it most likely will not last for more than a few months.  So if you are considering getting a tattoo have it done by a professional it will be less painful, last longer, look better and you will be much less likely to have any medical troubles as long as you follow the instructions that you will be given for the care of your tattoo. 

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