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Koi Fish Tattoos
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Koi Fish Tattoos

Display A Touch Of Beauty With A Koi Fish Tattoo

Koi fish are most often associated with Japan.  Koi fish tattoos, though, are becoming popular all over the world.  The Koi fish is really a carp.  However, they have a magnificent beauty and are known for their history steeped in mythology and symbolism.

A Koi fish can be a rainbow of colors and so, Koi fish tattoos can come in a rainbow of colors.  These fish are usually depicted in tattoos along with water or flowers.  This is because these fish are often kept in ponds that are man made and used for decorative purposes.

They are cherished in Japan, where they are raised.  These fish are treated with respect and considered to bring great luck upon those around them.  The Japanese treat them very well, so Koi live long and have a great life.  There are plenty of stories about Koi in Japan, all of which go towards cultivating the idea that Koi are strong and lucky fish. 

Koi fish are a symbol of vitality and strength.  They are also considered lucky.  Most people get a Koi fish tattoo to represent luck, however, they can also be used to represent triumph.  Koi have to overcome great obstacles to mate because they must swim upstream, so this is why they are often used to represent triumph.

A Koi fish tattoo can be done in various ways.  Sometimes it can just be a simple fish or it can be adorned, as mentioned, with flowers or water.  The tattoo can be done almost anywhere and in any size.  A popular spot for these tattoos are on the arm or the back area. 

A Koi fish tattoo can show the world that you are strong and that you persevere in whatever you do.  It can also be your lucky charm. Whatever the reason for a Koi fish tattoo, these tattoos can be some of the most beautiful colored tattoos available and you will surely love it.

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