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Lotus Flower Tattoos
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Lotus Tattoos

Grow A Garden On Your Body With Lotus Tattoo Designs

When it comes to flower tattoos the two top choices are the rose and the lotus flower.  The rose is a more western choice, where the lotus flower is more favored in the east.  In fact, some cultures in the east hold the lotus flower is very high regard.  Lotus tattoo designs have symbolism that is often related to the growth and life of the flower itself.

The lotus flower begins its life at the bottom of a pond.  It grows from the mud, up through the water to the surface.  Once it reaches the surface it blooms into a beautiful flower.  Lotus flowers grow in many different colors.  There are white, blue, red and yellow flowers.  Each color of lotus flower is thought to have a different meaning.

A lotus tattoo design is often thought to represent life and the struggles it holds.  Lotus tattoo designs are most popular for people who have went through something very difficult in their life and the tattoo is symbolizing that they made it through it.  They are also common in combination with Koi fish tattoos, which are also of eastern origin.

Lotus tattoo designs also hold other meanings, depending on the culture.  They can be a symbol of spirituality, rebirth, purity, peace, enlightenment and good fortune.  For those who practice Buddhism, it is thought that Buddha rose from the center of a lotus flower, so these flowers have a special meaning in to those who practice this religion.

Lotus tattoo designs can hold some deep and special meaning for some people.  For others, though, it is simply a beautiful flower that looks great as a tattoo.  These lotus tattoo designs can be made to go just about anywhere on the body and can either be done alone or as a compliment to another design.

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