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Cancer Tattoos

Show Your Sign With A Cancer Tattoo

Cancer tattoos represent the Zodiac sign of Cancer.  People often get a tattoo of their sign because the Zodiac signs are highly recognizable in our culture.  For a person that is a Cancer there is no better tattoo then a Cancer tattoo.

The sign of Cancer goes from June 22 thru July 22.  People born under this sign are thought to be emotional, imaginative, cautious and protective.  They are also thought to be moody, overemotional and have problems letting go.  The sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon and represented by the color silver.

The symbol that represents the sign of Cancer is a crab.  Sometimes people get the tattoo done is silver to be representative of both the symbol and the color of the sign of Cancer.  Cancer tattoos can also be the drawn symbol that represents Cancer which looks like two ‘d’ shapes laid to look similar to a circle.  Pearls can also represent the sign of Cancer, since they are the stone that represents the moon which is the ruling planet of this sign, and are sometimes used as a Cancer tattoo.

Cancer tattoos can even be done on someone who is not a Cancer.  People sometimes get the Zodiac sign of their significant other instead of getting a name or something else to represent them.  Some people get a Cancer tattoo simply because they like the look of it.

Cancer tattoos are quite popular so finding someone to do one should not be difficult.  Getting a Cancer tattoo is something you can do if it is your sign and you want something that will not lose it’s meaning or seem weird later in life.  Having a tattoo of your Zodiac sign never goes out of style and you are sure to cherish it for many years to come.

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