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Maori Tattoos
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Maori Tattoos

Go Tribal With A Maori Tattoo Design

Maori tattoo design is a Polynesian tattoo design.  Maori tattoo designs are curvy lines in patterns.  Most Maori tattoo designs are based upon a spiral.  It is the pattern and design of Maori tattoos that make them stand out.

Maori tattoo designs have bold lines and use a lot of repetition in the design.  A Maori tattoo can be done two ways.  The design can simply be tattooed or a black background can be done, leaving the pattern to stand out.

Maori tattoos are something the native tribes in New Zealand use for rituals.  It is common to have these tattoos done on the face.  The tribes usually have specific designs set aside for different families.  The facial tattoos are used to enhance the facial features.

People get Maori tattoo designs mostly because they like the look.  Even though it is traditional to get them on the face, many people get them elsewhere on the body.  A Maori tattoo design on the face shows a person is really understanding the roots and history of the tattoo design.

Maori tattoo designs can look incredible stunning when done correctly.  Even though these designs are rather simple to actually draw, it is the execution of them that can be difficult.  It takes a skilled and knowledgeable tattoo artist to really be able to do a Maori tattoo that is both stunning and correctly done.

Maori tattoo designs are definitely not for everyone.  Most people shy away from tattoos in obvious places, like the face.  A person who is interested in a Maori tattoo should really think about it and do some research into it before getting one done.  This way they are sure no to regret it later. They should also be careful about choosing who will do their tattoo so they can make sure it is done correctly.

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