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Monday, January 28, 2008

Your Guide to Celtic Tattoos
The Celts were known as tough fierce warriors by the Romans. They can trace their history for thousands of years. Their culture was renown for artwork in jewelry and metal. They were found predominately in the British Isles. Their culture spans the Romans and early British cultures. Celtic landmarks dot the Irish countryside.

Celtic symbols have evolved over time but are still present in today's culture. Often it is a mark of pride of their ancient heritage. Celtic history has little written records but left many symbols. The Celtic tradition is alive with the infamous Celtic cross.

The most prolific land with Celtic influence is in Ireland. In fact, Trinity College in Dublin holds many Celtic manuscripts and archives Celtic heritage ad symbols. The Celts were renown for their symbols even in the early days.

The most popular Celtic symbol is the Celtic knot. The knots feature a loop with no end. It symbolizes the cycle of birth and rebirth and its everlasting cycle. Even Celtic animal symbols incorporate the never ending knot design usually in the animal tales. The symbol still keeps its meaning. Lately the end of the knot has incorporated a spiral symbolizing infinity.

The knots are also interlaced as well. It has a different meaning. It represents the crossing of the spiritual and physical worlds. It also symbolizes life faith ,and endless love. It has a very deep emotional and spiritual underlying theme.

Celtic tattoos are popular in the British Isles. It is especially prevalent in those of Irish,Welsh ,or Scottish descent. It represents the old culture before the Norman invasion. It has become a symbol of pride in their long heritage. The tattoos are often complex are require several hours or sessions to complete. The tattoo designs are often intricate and require a skilled tattoo artist.

If you are interested in a Celtic tattoos begin your research in that category. Several resources online can give you design ideas for a very reasonable price. Take care in choosing an experienced tattoo artist. Make sure they have done several Celtic designs before Consult his art book for examples. The tattoo often involves intricate details so pick the design and artist with care.

It is important to research your tattoo before you go to the tattoo parlor. If you take the time to explore the Celtic tradition and symbols, you can find the perfect tattoo that expresses your unique culture and symbols.

Mike writes about tattoo designs and tattoos with product reviews. If you are interested in tattoos then visit his website for further information and tattoo designs. Hot Tattoo Designs Online can find your perfect tattoo.

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