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Dove Tattoos

   If you are considering getting a tattoo and you are a peaceful, calm spirit, then you might want to look at getting a dove tattoo.  A dove is a symbol of peace and harmony and to wear them down on your body means that they should resemble your own spirit.  You can have more than just one dove tattoo on your body or you can have a combination of doves that represent a group.  Though originally a Christian symbol of peace, the world has embraced the dove as a symbol of harmony and freedom.

Some people have had doves tattooed upon them to represent the passing of a friend or relative.  A dove flying upward means that that person's soul has been released from their earthly bounds and is on their way to heaven. The dove tattoo brings remembrance of those departed and when they see the tattoos on their body, the wearer can have fond memories of the good times that they shared.

The type of dove tattoo that you choose is entirely up to you. The dove tattoo can be a single dove carrying the traditional olive branch or a Celtic dove that is scrolled into the lattice work of a Celtic scroll.  The dove tattoo can mean or look anyway that you choose. The dove tattoo can be a symbol of a great love. That love could have a spiritual connection or it could be a representation of the love you have for your mate. 

The Chinese take a different take on the dove tattoo symbol. They see the love tattoo as a symbol of a long and healthy life. If you apply a dove tattoo with the Chinese philosophy, you can add a Chinese symbol to it that will give the meaning a duality. That means that you can have the dove as a symbol of a long life and at the same time show another aspect of your philosophy or representation with another Chinese tattoo.

If you are looking for a duality tattoo, you might want to think of something that is opposite of a dove tattoo. Ideas for a duality tattoo could be a dragon, a serpent, or another tattoo that presents the opposite symbolism of peace and a long life. Another idea is to mix the tattoo with a Celtic or tribal design that would not only complement the dove, but the dove should compliment the design.

Whether you choose a dove tattoo for religious religions, reasons of conviction, or reasons of love, you can choose from several hundred dove tattoo designs that are available. Sometimes a dove tattoo can be put with other angel tattoos as people tend to see both doves and angels as peaceful beings. Look online and look over the tattoos that are pictured there. If you see one that you like, print the picture and take it to your local tattoo artist and see if they can replicate the picture or find the design for you.

Another idea is to find a unique picture of a dove in magazine or book and ask the tattoo artist if they could make a template to bring the animal to life for you own unique tattoo. Beware of copyrights and make sure you have permission to use that exact image.

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