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Tattoo Procedure

The Tattoo Procedure - A Painful Yet Interesting Process

By Matt J. Cararra

Tattooing is a process of making an image by embedding pigments into the skin. Tattoos that are applied within the skin are permanent while those applied on the surface is temporary and are called henna tattoos.

But what are the procedures of making a tattoo? Before making a tattoo, the client must already decide what design he/she likes for a tattoo. A client must also tell the artist if he/she has allergies or is currently taking any medications to avoid any problems.

These are the procedure on how tattooing is done.

1. Before the artist gets busy tattooing the skin, the area in where the tattoo will be applied should be first cleaned using rubbing alcohol then shaved the area if necessary. Shaving must be done with a new disposable razor for the sake of sanitary conditions. It must be used by a single tattoo client only. After shaving is done, the skin must be cleaned again.

2. When the area is already clean, the tattoo image is now ready to be traced onto the surface of the skin. The artist can draw the desired tattoo design freehand or use a thermal paper scanned from a thermal fax machine if the tattoo studio is well-equipped. At this moment the inks and tattoo machine will be set up and prepared by the artist. The tubes and the needles should be removed from their sterile packaging in front of the client.

3. Before the tattoo artist begins injecting ink into the skin, a Vaseline-type ointment will be put onto the skin area to make the tattoo needle move along the skin more easily.

4. The outline of the design on the skin will be inked first then the filling of colors or shadings will begin. Only the amount needed will be put by the artist. A needle called magnum at this point will be used because it is more suited to coloring and shading.

5. Once the tattoo is finished, an ointment will be applied by the tattoo artist to prevent the open wound from the infiltration of airborne bacteria. The artist will also put on a bandage after applying an ointment.

6. The next step after a new tattoo is finished; it is the clients' responsibility to take good care of the tattoo area.

Tattooing is a painful process. However, the aspect of tattooing has not prevented this ancient and painful practice from becoming popular. For people who decide to have a tattoo, the pain is just a part of the process of enhancing their physical appearances and expressions.

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