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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Horseshoe Tattoos Bring Luck and Masculinity
Horseshoes are traditionally held in high regard as being good luck. A horseshoe that is hung above the door way of a barn or home gives the owner of that building luck and prosperity. The horseshoe has to be hung with the ends facing upward so that the luck is caught and if upside down, the luck will pour out. You can take the horseshoe symbol one step further by getting a horseshoe tattoo. Horseshoe tattoos have been popular in the past and are now in style.

Horseshoe tattoos have been tied to good luck and sometimes these tattoos are mixed with other tattoos that have the same connotation. For example a person might have a horseshoe tattoo mixed with a leprechaun tattoo, a unicorn tattoo, or even a shamrock tattoo. Some people feel that they need all the luck they can get. But by combining two tattoo designs together some people feel they it will help acquire more luck than if they just had the regular horseshoe tattoo.

Horse shoes have also been considered a symbol of female fertility. The open ended side of the horseshoe represents the open womb of the woman. The horseshoe purpose, that of shodding the horses of men, and the female purpose, that of giving birth, presents a dual meaning of the horse shoe tattoo. The horseshoe tattoo has its origins in ancient Roman times. The Roman shod their horse’s feet to protect them from the cobblestone streets that line their cities. The horse was a faster and more powerful animal than the oxen or the other animals that were used before it.

The horseshoe tattoo is also popular with sailors. During the Middle Ages the fishermen of coastal villages would put the horseshoe up to bring them luck in their homes. They would also put the horseshoe upon the ship. The horseshoe usually was placed above the captain's door to bring luck to the captain and crew during the voyage. The Navy has adopted the horseshoe design for many of its fighting units.

Horseshoe tattoos can be presented alone as a single tattoo or they may be placed together in design. Horseshoe tattoos blend really well with Celtic designs or tribal tattoos. The popular shape of the horseshoe tattoo can serve as a base to the intricate lattice patterns of either these Celtic or tribal design. This way the design can radiate from the central tattoo. This will give the owner of the horseshoe tattoo a talisman for luck and at the same time they are able to display the Celtic heritage or tribal tattooed that they wear.

No matter what type of tattoo that you decide on your body, you need to make sure that the tattoo represents some thing that is important to you. If you feel like you need more luck you might want to add on a tattoo of a shamrock, a leprechaun, a rainbow, or a unicorn with your horseshoe tattoo. Also angel tattoos can be put together with the luck of the horseshoe. Any combination should strategically placed can give you a unique and individual design.

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