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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Sleeve Tattoos Are Extreme Body Art
A sleeve tattoo is a very large tattoo that is a combination of many little, tattoos and symbols covers a person arm from the top of their shoulder to their wrist. It's very intricate design will encompass the entire arm with a pattern that blends colors and designs to make a truly magnificent tattoo display. The sleeve tattoo can be a monument to what you believe and what your personality is.

The sleeve tattoo became popular with the grunge crowd of the 1990s and has gained in popularity for the last eight years. You can get your entire arm done; but they are or quarters sleeves and half sleeve tattoos. This means the tattoo does not have to be your entire arm. It could stop at your wrist and go to her elbow. It can also start at the top of your shoulder and go to your elbow. Most sleeve tattoos are done with one central tattoo and may have smaller tattoos or patterns which blend around the center figure. The smaller tattoos will add depth and color to the overall sleeve tattoo tattoo. Sleeve tattoos are for the very adventurous type of person who is not ashamed to show a tattoo.

Sleeve tattoos are very noticeable and if you work in an environment that is not tattoo friendly you might want to wear long sleeved shirt to work. Before you choose a sleeve tattoo make sure that is the right design and the right reason to choose so. You are displaying a massive amount of body art in public and you need to make sure that is how you want to represent yourself for the rest your life. Sleeve tattoos are very conducive to fashion and religion. A popular Christian theme is a tattoo of Jesus or the Virgin Mary.

Some workplaces and organizations do not allow people that have sleeve tattoos to work for them. The United States Marine Corps who is notorious for having tattoos of Bulldogs and the Marine Corps symbol of the eagle, globe, and anchor, will not allow will a sleeve tattoo. They feel that a full sleeve tattoo will take away from the look of the short-sleeved summer uniform that the Marines wear. Other organizations are just prudent when it comes to body art. Before you receive a large tattoo such as sleeve tattoo you might want to really look at what you going to do in the future.

You would not want to miss opportunities because you are displaying body art. The acceptance of tattoo sleeve is slowly reaching into those prudent businesses and organizations. You may see a Marine that had a half sleeve tattoo but that Marine was grandfathered in when they made the regulations against them. Special units in the Marine Corps and in the army such as the special forces or force recon will not allow anyone into their ranks with a sleeve tattoo or any other identification marks on her body. Due to their clandestine type of environment these soldiers can not take a chance that their body will be identified.

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