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Henna Tattoos

Henna Tattoos Offer A Great Tattoo Alternative

Henna tattoos are done with special ink and are not needled into the skin, but rather on top of the skin.  They are native to the Middle East and India.  In recent years, though, henna tattoos have become a huge fashion statement and can be seen everywhere around the world.

Henna tattoos are made with a paint made from the henna plant.  The tattoos are done in a lace type pattern.  They usually cover the hands and feet, but can also be on the arms.  Traditionally, henna tattoos were used in weddings to bring the bride and groom good luck.

A henna tattoo is not permanent.  It will last for quite some time, though.  They are generally done by someone who specializes in henna tattoos, not by a tattoo artist.  Henna is usually a reddish brown color and it stains the skin slightly when applied.

Henna tattoos are quite different than traditional tattoos.  As mentioned, there is no needle involved and they are not permanent.  Instead of a needle the henna tattoo is painted on top of the skin, the skin is never punctured.  This means henna tattoos are safe and there is no worries about getting a disease or infection.  Henna tattoos also are not done in pictures or words, but rather a pattern that is traditional to henna art. 

Henna tattoos are something that have been done for centuries.  They are a good tattoo for someone looking to just experiment or who is a little worried about the needles involved in traditional tattoos.  Henna tattoos are quite popular, more so with women then men.  Getting a henna tattoo is painless and fun.  They are not something you have to live with for the rest of your life, either.  They are just a great alternative to a traditional tattoo for someone who is not ready to take the plunge.

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