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Monday, November 23, 2009

Cool Girl Foot Tattoo Ideas
Girl Foot TattooGirls like tattoos just as much as guys. While getting a tattoo might not seem very feminine, girls still are looking for cool tattoo ideas. Most girls will get their first tattoo on their foot. This is a place where the tattoo can be hidden easily. In the day of the internet, it is much easier to find tattoo ideas than ever before. Girls can find cool ideas just by searching the internet and looking through tattoo galleries.

So what kind of tattoo does a girl usually get on her foot? Most girls like star tattoos and tend to make them colorful. Getting a star tattoo is an easy design to come up with, but you have to be careful if you cannot handle pain well. Your foot will be in pain for a few days and wearing socks will be out of the question. If you add color, it will just add to the pain of the tattoo because it takes more to color in a large star.

Other cool girl foot tattoos include all kinds of flowers. A flower tattoo on the foot is popular among girls just because it is a feminine tattoo. This is a nice tattoo and looks girly and is easy to find a flower you would want to go with. Most tattoo shops can help you pick the perfect flower as the flower tattoo is one of the more common tattoos today. Just make sure you know the meaning of the flower you are getting as flower and colors have their own meanings.

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